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Briteline Extrusions 2016 Powder Coat Expansion

New 20-Foot Buffer Increases Mechanical Polishing Capacity

Celebrating 60 Years: A Letter from Ken Kabine, President & Owner

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60 Years and Growing

Briteline Anodizing Building Update -October 2012

Our new anodizing line is up and running!

A rack of buffed shower door header is being Brite Dipped in the photos below.

Briteline Anodizing Building Update - Feb 6, 2012

The building went up fast, the tanks moved in quickly. Now we are down to the details. Pipes, hoses, fittings, PLC controls all being installed and connected. The finish line is in sight!

Briteline Anodizing Building Update - Oct 20, 2011

Our 20' anodizing line is taking shape! The tanks are being moved into place on each side of the catwalk. Vents, boiler room equipment and hoists are installed. Keep watching our progress!

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Briteline Featured in Light Metal Age Magazine

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Briteline Anodizing Building Update - May 13, 2011

The hoist system is being installed above the new catwalk platform this week.

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Briteline Anodizing Building Foundation Cement Pour Video

Construction Begins on New 20 Foot Anodizing Line

Summerville, SC November 24, 2010 — Briteline Extrusions, Inc.

President Kenneth H. Kabine has announced the company has begun construction on a new anodizing line at its plant located at 575 Beech Hill Road, Summerville, South Carolina.

“Our current 12 foot Brite Dip and Acid Etch anodizing line is reaching capacity. In order to service our customers and have opportunity for growth, we must build a larger line, Kabine said. We see a growing demand for Brite Dip and Acid Etch Anodizing since fewer companies are offering those services. The economic slowdown caused some anodizing companies to close. Not many people want to go through the environmental rules and regulations it takes to run such a facility. The new anodizing line will be able to handle 20 foot long extrusions and offer both Brite Dip and Acid Etch anodizing. “By building a line with longer tanks, we will be able to service existing customers more efficiently and target new industries, as well.”

Briteline Extrusions, Inc. Announces Acid Etch Anodizing Capabilities

Summerville, SC September 1, 2010 — Briteline Extrusions, Inc.

Vice President, Manufacturing Ed Kabine announced the company has added Acid Etch to its anodizing line located at 575 Beech Hill Road, Summerville, South Carolina.

“We were interested in adding the process of Acid Etch to our anodizing capabilities because it provides a more matte finish than alkaline etch. Acid Etch helps to conceal surface defects. The process has a very low aluminum removal rate which reduces sludge in waste treatment. It is environmentally friendly. We have completed our testing process and now produce Acid Etch finished aluminum extrusions on a daily basis. Current maximum length is 12 feet.”

For more information or to request a sample, please contact Briteline at 843-873-4410

Briteline Featured in the Charleston Regional Business Journal

A Summerville-based manufacturer of aluminum products has started offering recycled aluminum products for customers after seeing a growing demand for LEED-certified building materials...

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Briteline Extrusions Getting Greener!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009 — Summerville, SC based Briteline Extrusions has announced they now offer recycled aluminum billets for their extrusion customers who request this “green” feature.

President Kenneth Kabine said “We have always prided ourselves on using primary aluminum billet to produce flawless finishes on the shower door and brite anodized trim parts we make. Now, we are seeing a strong demand from the building industry for their extrusions to be made with secondary billet.” Architects are specifying the use of aluminum extrusions to qualify for the L.E.E.D. certification. (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.)

Aluminum is green and a natural fit for the building industry. Whether we are making extrusions for lights, displays, doors, shelves, frames or signs, our customers know they are working with an environmentally friendly material. By adding secondary aluminum to our billet inventory, we can assure customers that we can meet their L.E.E.D. certification requirements.

We recycle over one million pounds of aluminum scrap from our extrusion process each year. Aluminum can be recycled and reused over and over without losing any of its characteristic attributes. There is no loss of quality in using recycled aluminum.

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