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Packaging Options

Spiral Bundle

Packaging Spiral Bundle

Extrusions are stacked and tightly wrapped with a stretch film for finish protection.

Shrink Sleeve

Packaging Shrink Sleeve

Extrusions are individually covered with a heat shrink film that tightly adheres to the profile for finish protection.

Loose Sleeve

Packaging Loose Sleeve

Extrusions are sealed in a loose poly sleeve (ends can be sealed or open) for finish protection.

Interleave / Box

Packaging Interleave

Extrusions are serpentine interleaved with paper and boxed for finish protection.

Paper Layer / Box

Packaging Paper Layer

Extrusions are layered, separated by paper and boxed for finish protection.


Packaging Box

Extrusions are placed in custom cardboard boxes for finish protection.

Custom Crate

Packaging Custom Crate

Extrusions can be placed in a custom wooden shipping crate for further protection.