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Ken Kabine, CEO & Owner

With over 60 years experience in the aluminum extrusion industry, Ken is a pioneer. Being creative, versatile, and paying attention to the details have resulted in Briteline’s reputation for high quality. “We focus on small shapes, fine finishes and custom parts. By doing what no one else wants to do, we’ve created a niche in the industry. We take good care of our people, and they are carefully trained to take care of our customers’ requirements. Employees own stock in Briteline, so they are interested in seeing it succeed.”

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“With three generations of the Kabine family on-board, we are focused on the future. Our 16-foot anodizing line expansion will offer new opportunities for years to come.”

Diane Bagwell

President, Sales & Administration

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Ed Kabine

President, Manufacturing

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Bo Bagwell

VP, Sales & Administration

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Chris Kabine

VP, Manufacturing

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Larry Wilkerson

National Sales Manager

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Travis Pierce

Operations Manager

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Herman Buckner


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Kevin Woods


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Pat Northrop


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Rocky Creel

Production Manager

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Tommy Kay


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Latrese Smith

Customer Service/ Inside Sales

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Linda D'Elia

HR Manager

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