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Our Capabilities

Briteline Extrusion is designed to be your one stop source for high-quality extruded, fabricated and finished aluminum extrusion parts.


Our small presses produce lightweight shapes with tight tolerances. We can extruded solids or hollows that fit in a 6" circle size.

6" Diameter 1450 Ton Press
6" Diameter 1450 Ton Press


We use primary billet from the aluminum industry's top suppliers.

6063 The most popular extrusion alloy. Good surface finish; corrosion-resistant; and can be heat-treated for strength
6463 Designed to accept a bright finish through anodizing or polishing


T5 Extrusions are cooled from an elevated temperature and artificially aged Webster Reading: 10-12
T42 No Artificial Aging. Material will be soft. Webster Reading: 2-3
Stabilize Heat Treat for two hours. Metal will still be bendable, but will not harden any further over time. Webster Reading: 7-8
Special Per customer request.


Brite Dip Anodizing 16' Maximum Silver; Gold; Nickel currently
Satin Anodizing
Acid Etch
16' Maximum Silver, Gold; Nickel currently
Mechanical Finishing
  • Polish
  • Buff
  • Brush
  • Sand
Powder Coat 12' Maximum - Stock Colors and Custom Colors

Briteline Production/Design Services

Briteline Fabrication

  • CNC Elumatec Machining Center
  • Miter/Notch/Special Cut
  • Drill/Punch/Tap/Countersink
  • Bend
  • Deburr