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Anodizing forms an oxide coating on aluminum for protection or to color (dye) the product per customer specifications. Briteline Extrusions has a reputation for high quality Brite Dip finishes. Below is a list of the most popular anodizing finishes we offer:

Brite Dip Anodizing - 200

  • Buff R5 Brite Dip (Silver)
  • Buff R5 Gold Brite Dip (Gold)
  • Brushed Nickel
  • Mill Brite Silver
  • Mill Brite Gold

Satin Anodizing - 201

Briteline offers Acid Etch anodizing. Acid Etch provides a more matte finish than alkaline etch and helps conceal surface defects. Because it has a low aluminum removal rate, it is environmentally friendly. Available in silver matte or gold matte.

Clear Anodizing

Briteline offers clear anodizing which provides a protective coating for your aluminum extrusions.

16' Anodizing Line

Briteline is one of the few full-service extruders that offers 16' Brite Dip and Acid Etch anodizing in-house. Contact us for your anodizing needs. We now anodize customer material.

Mechanical Finishing

In addition to chemical finishing, Briteline offers the following mechanical options:

  • Buffing
  • Brushing
  • Polishing
  • Sanding

Racking Information

Briteline has many racking options. It is important to discuss your precise requirements for “good metal” and rack mark areas with your Briteline Sales Representative.

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